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      How Long Will An ELUX Bar Last For?

      ELUX bars are designed for immediate use and offer a wide array of flavors. Each ELUX bar is capable of delivering up to 600 puffs, equivalent to about 20 cigarettes. If you are new to vaping, the lifespan of each bar can be estimated based on your smoking habits. For seasoned vapers, expect your ELUX bar to last approximately the same duration as a fully filled 2ml tank or pod. If you're planning on purchasing more, don't forget to look into our 3 for £12 multi-buy offer.

      Are ELUX Bars Safe to Use?

      ELUX bars are constructed to meet the same high standards as our other vape kits in stock. The key difference between ELUX bars and refillable kits is that ELUX bars come pre-filled with e-liquid. We strongly advise purchasing your vapes from reliable retailers and keeping an eye out for illegitimate products. For additional guidance, consult our "How To Check Your Vape Is Genuine" guide. We offer a comprehensive range of authentic ELUX products, including the Legend Mini, Pro 600, and Slim series.

      What Are the Differences Between the ELUX Bar 600 and Legend Mini?

      There's a variety of ELUX bars on offer. The standard 600 bars are available in either 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength, while the Legend Mini series boasts an expansive flavor catalogue with over 30 different blends to choose from. Stay alert for new product lines and remember, our mix-and-match multi-buy deals can be applied across different ranges.

      What is the Best ELUX Vape Flavor?

      Whether you crave the succulent flavor of fruit, the refreshing sensation of menthol, or the indulgent taste of dessert in your vape, we've got you covered. Our "Top Ten ELUX Vapes" guide is a great starting point, showcasing our top picks from this expanding range. For a broader selection of flavor options, explore our complete range of disposable vapes.

      What is the Optimal ELUX Bar Nicotine Strength?

      ELUX Bars come with two nicotine strength options. If you prefer a milder vaping experience, we suggest the 10mg ELUX bars. However, for those seeking a stronger nicotine hit, the 20mg ELUX bars are the go-to choice. Regardless of your preference, the nic salt utilized in these devices ensures a smooth throat hit with each inhale.

      Can ELUX Bars Be Refilled?

      ELUX bars are created as a fuss-free alternative to traditional vape kits, meaning they are not refillable or rechargeable. Once your ELUX bar depletes its e-liquid supply, simply replace it with a new one. This eliminates the need for intricate maintenance or messy refills, especially for first-time vapers. Moreover, their compact size allows you to conveniently carry a backup wherever you go.